August 28-31, Maringà (Parana - BR)


From August 28 to 31, Avio International Group Holding S.A. attended the EAB Air Show 2014 in Maringà (Parana-BR) officially presenting the project of installation of the new plant for the production of the helicopter SK-1 Twinpower and the aircraft F22 Pinguino (PROJECT AVIO BRASIL).

In the first instance, the participation to the exhibition had multiple purposes, all addressed to the maximization of the effort to the involvement of new investors in the PROJECT AVIO BRASIL. And also for the final stabilization of the relations with local authorities (civil and military). Not to mention the look exquisitely tied to marketing, to increase sales potential of the helicopter SK-1 and aircraft F22.

In particular the effort, also economic, for the preparation of the stand, the meticulous preparation of the documentation (Business Plan, Operating Plan, maps, simulations) and of the materials presented (two helicopters SK-1, the new engine RAP), the involvement of important personalities of the political and economic Brazilian sector, the contacts with institutional and military representatives, have enabled us to achieve excellent results.

Luigino Fiocco - Franco Moreira - Ricardo Barros.JPG